Virtual Case Scenario

In partnership with Dr. Hyma Gogineni from College of Pharmacy and her Pharmacy students, the Instructional Designers from the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching created a branched virtual case scenario for students to simulate an encounter with two patients. Students were required to collect key pieces of information and progress through learning segments, reading through an embedded textbook or ebook, and quizzes all the while using the information collected to make a diagnosis.

Faculty Champion:

Hyma Gogineni, Pharm D, MSc,, BCACP, APH, TTS – Associate Professor

Reem Aljanabi – PharmD Candidate 2021

Keana Mendoza – PharmD Candidate 2021

Sylvia Uong – PharmD Candidate 2021

Project Manager: Jonathan Peterson, MA


Jonathan Peterson, MA – Instructional Designer

Jamie Quarles – Instructional Designer

Tracy A. Mendolia-Moore, MA Ed, Lead Instructional Designer

The characters found in the virtual case scenario.
Example of ebook.