In April, the Western University of Health Sciences DPT students participated in an in class learning experience using 3D printed bone models, and 3D printing pens. The activity was designed to engage the students in recreating and accurately  identifying the ligaments of the knee. Students were provided with the distal femur, proximal tibia and fibula and a patella which were created on the Makerbot. They were also provided with 3D printing pens and multiple colors of filament and asked to recreate the ligaments and connective tissues of the knee. Students were quick to gather into groups, have great discussions and create accurate works of art that achieved the goal of the project. Later in the semester, students used the pens to re-create the ligaments of the ankle. The activity has created an opportunity for students to engage in material at a higher level of learning by creating, rather than just studying. With the use of base printed models, and 3D printed pens, students can create, modify and explore nearly any structure in the body.