Project3D-Printed Pathways
CETL StaffGary Wisser
SMED. Joshua Cameron, PhD
CollegeCollege of Optometry
Abstract/poster “The use of 3D-printing technologies is becoming commonplace in health care and in the classroom. Most of the classroom activities using 3D-printed models occur in anatomy classrooms. This study sought to bridge the use of 3D-printed materials in the vision science classroom to ascertain whether they would enhance student learning. A 3D-printed and virtual model of the primary visual pathway was developed and tested in a vision science classroom. Student learning was assessed, as were student perceptions. Students preferred to use the 3D-printed models, but the greatest gains occurred after a multimodal learning experience.”
Read the ArticleAssessment of the Utility of 3D-Printed Interactive Models in the Vision Science Classroom:
Second-year College of Optometry students were timed while assembling the model. (Jeff Malet, WesternU)