So, you’re planning to facilitate an upcoming Zoom session…well, let’s go through the checklist.

Below is a checkoff list to help guide you in creating your Zoom meeting, as well as support you in being a successful communicator. Additionally, this guide will support you by providing good Zoom-support and a customer/attendee experience.

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Getting Started

Schedule Zoom Meeting:
 ☐  How many participants will be in the meeting?
 ☐  Do participants need to see one another?
 ☐  Are participants expected to converse or provide responses during the meeting?
 ☐  Will you need breakout rooms for the meeting?
 ☐  Will the session be recorded?
Identify Roles:
 ☐  Presenter/Host: ______________________________________________________
 ☐  Co-Host/Alternative-Host: ______________________________________________
 ☐  Moderator/Facilitator: __________________________________________________
Advertise/Communicate your event:
 ☐  Post link on the website or learning management system.
 ☐  Email announcement with a link to potential attendees.

Prep with Presenters

Confirm the date & time with the presenter, and ask the presenter to log in a minimum of 10 minutes early to test connection and any presentation materials.
Will the presenter take time to answer questions? How much time?
Does the presenter want to hold questions until the end of the session?
Does the presenter want to be interrupted for questions during the session?
Does the presenter want a verbal/chat time warning toward the end? How much of a time warning? At 10 minutes? At 5 minutes? At 2 minutes?

Pre-Meeting Check

Have you found a quiet location where you can comfortably attend the meeting undistracted for its entire duration?
Is the Zoom app downloaded on your device?
Is the meeting link active and working?
Do you have a strong network connection where you are? Connect to an internet hardline and avoid using Wi-Fi when possible.
Will you need a headset or microphone?